Keep it simple.

Keep it simple

Your ally in logistics: fulfillment & cross border ecommerce in Ecuador, México y Colombia, a mid-size growing market.

All your operation in a single place. New country at reduced costs.

Your door to entry LATAM

¿Why BOU?

Connecting our clients around the globe

Soft landing in Ecuador, Mexico & Colombia

Alliances with strategic partners so that your entry into Ecuador is softer.


New country at a reduced cost

Your ally to control all your operations from one place. Reduce costs & position your product.

Your sales in real time

The status of your sales and shipments on our platform. Available & updated 24/7.

Optimize your supply chain

Alliances with laboratories for local Maquila. Reduce your chain & optimize costs.


Support for you, always

Support available to increase your % of successful deliveries. Agile responses to your needs.

Simplified logistics in each of your shipments

Legal representation in Ecuador

Fulfillment & inventory management

Pick & Pack of your products

Nationwide shipments

Cash on delivery

International and cryptocurrency transfers

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